This bungee stretch leash/lead is perfect for when your dog is a little too excited, likes to pull or lunge while on the leash. It will help take the shock out of agitation work and the bungee acts a shock absorber for the handler. It also teaches the dog not to lunge because they do not like the bungee coiling back. The leads are made top quality 1 inch tubular nylon webbing with a strong elastic core. It allows (stretches) an extra 10 inches of lead way. It will surely save you back problems and sore arms. TEACHES: Obedience, No pulling/lunging, IDEAL FOR: Walking, Training, Jogging, and all other outdoor activities FEATURES: 1" inch tubular nylon webbing with strong elastic core 27" inches long (37" inches stretched out) 3" Nickel-plated swivel clip 8" Nylon handle double stitched with soft Neoprene pad inside for comfortable hold

Nylon Dog Leash Lead Stretch Bungee NO PULL


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